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The Republican Club of San Francisco

Senator Melissa Melendez

Member of the California State Senate (2020–2022)
California State Representative (2012–2020)


Former State Senator and Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez was a Russian language translator for the US Navy and was part of reconnaissance flight missions during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Today, her organization's "America First" mission is to ensure President Trump's next administration will be ready to implement his policies on Day 1.

Together with former Trump cabinet officers and other administration officials who began the think tank America First Policy Institute, Senator Melendez is bringing back those successful Trump Administration policies that were working to restore America prior to the pandemic. Putting "America First" means that on day one whenever there are leaders ready to implement these policies, they'll have ready made solutions, laws, and ideas to implement on issues ranging from crime, business prosperity, regulation, energy, national security, and more.

Here in California, we've watched our cities hallowed out and turned into crime havens, while business after business, large and small, close or leave the state to avoid high taxes and over regulation. Now, this organization wants to bring America First solutions to the state level, including the place that needs it most: California! 

Join us October 12, 2023 when former State Senator Melissa Melendez will discuss her exciting new project bringing the America First perspective to the enemy territory, which is California. The task is daunting, but Senator Melendez and the rest of the national team believe that our state stands to benefit from this new paradigm of conservative thought. And who better to lead such a charge than a seasoned state senator who cut her teeth trying to kill crazy bills coming out of our state legislature?

A retired Navy intelligence officer, mother of five, state legislator, and small town mayor, she'll share war stories about her constant battles against the liberal consensus and machine politics of our current governing class. And she'll lay out a way forward, as part of the new America First Policy Institute strategy to promote and enact policies that put Californians First. And what better place to start than the hometown of Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Willie Brown, and Dianne Feinstein? 

 Join us for what's sure to be an exciting evening!

1630 Stockton Street
Between Union and Filbert Streets
San Francisco

Reception 6:00 pm
Dinner 6:45 pm
Speaker 7:45 pm

Members $80    Non-Members $90

One-Half Roast Rosemary Chicken
Grilled Salmon with Lemon Caper Sauce
Vegetarian Eggplant Parmigiana

No-Host Bar

Two Parking Garages on Vallejo Street Between Powell and Stockton

For questions, please contact Joan Leone at or (415) 567-7424.